Ryde  |   RUMBLE


The music is everything here at RYDE. Unique playlists carefully crafted by each of our instructors for every single RYDE. This makes sure that you have a new experience every time you step inside the studio. Its time to let the music take over.

RYDE 45: Basically its just EPIC!! But you can also describe it as a fast passed 45‐minute session that’s full of energy, loud music, and extravagant lighting. Hand weights engage your upper body and make it the full bodywork out that will leave you out of breath, exhausted and generally feeling awesome!!


A Perfect Balance of Bag, Bodyweight and Box Work. Quick, Powerful and High Energy. Big beat playlists to keep everyone motivated. 50% Bag Work, 50% Box Work.

Rumble 50: The Class is made up of 4 elements; the bag, the box, the instructor and the music. All come together to great the ultimate workout. A Rumble session is HIIT, Conditioning and Cardio, all rolled into one. Its designed to make you a lean, mean, fighting machine; ready to go out into the world a crush it!

The way we roll

No strings, no attachments, no contracts. Consider us your friend with benefits. You pay as you go. Choose from a selection of packages to suit your needs. Each session requires a credit, so when you feel like coming over just book online and get to the studio!!